Upcoming Tours

Here are the 2015 cycling events – this year including Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and Quebec. We had a great time on the bicycle tours this past summer. Thanks to everyone for being part of it and hope you can join us again.

*Newfoundland Bicycle Tour – June 29-July 8, 2015
*Quebec’s Eastern Townships Bicycle Tour – July 15-22, 2015
*Prince Edward Island East Bicycle Tour – July 29-August 4, 2015
*Cape Breton Island Bicycle Tour – August 9-16, 2015
*Gaspe Bicycle Tour – August 21-29, 2015

Newfoundland Bicycle Tour
spacer Newfoundland Tour A tour of discovery and adventure – Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula! spacer
Cape Breton Island Bicycle Tour
spacer Cape Breton Island Tour The ride everyone dreams of doing – spectacular Cape Breton Island! spacer
Quebec's Eastern Townships Bicycle Tour
spacer Quebec’s Eastern Townships Bicycle Tour British history and Québécois tradition. Mountains, wine country, and picturesque villages.
Prince Edward Island East Tour
spacer Prince Edward Island East Tour A naturalist’s paradise – Prince Edward Island. This tour explores the island’s varied and scenic eastern side. spacer
Gaspe Bicycle Tour
spacer Gaspe Bicycle Tour A unique land within North America. A long time major destination for Quebec cyclists, the Gaspe will be a great experience. spacer

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